Biodegradables Campaign

Biodegradable Flatware Campaign

The aim of the Biodegradables Campaign is to raise awareness in the Hunter community of the harmful effects of disposable plastics, and to gather petition signatures of students, faculty, and staff urging the Hunter cafeteria food vendor, AVI Fresh Foods, to implement biodegradbale cups, plates, and utensils in their next contract with Hunter College. This campaign hopes to help reduce Hunter’s waste stream, and to catalyze institutional as well as individual waste reduction practices in the Hunter community.


Get Involved!

The Biodegradables Campaign is looking for students to help scientifically test the biodegradability of Hunter's cups, plates and utensils; to create information graphics for tablings; and to campaign for petition signatures. To learn more about getting involved, email Taewoo at
Meet the Project Leader | TAEWOO KIM

Year of Study: Senior

Major/s: Environmental Studies

Interests: conservation, effects of plastics & micro-plastics on trophic levels, waste reduction

Taewoo is a 4th year Environmental Studies major with interest in the relationship between waste pollution and conservation. Taewoo has been a member of the Hunter Sustainability Project for four years, where he served as Vice President for a year. He also has experience as a compost volunteer at the Queens Botanical Garden, and as an intern at CityScience, where he taught students in pre-K through 4th grade about nutrition and sustainability. In the future, Taewoo hopes to conduct research on the effects of micro-plastics on trophic levels, and to help reduce the Great Pacific Garbage Patch for environmental conservation.