Eco Fashion Expo

Eco Fashion Expo

Eco Fashion Expo’s mission is to promote sustainable fashion, values and awareness into the Hunter and CUNY community. By endorsing reusing, recycling and repurposing, we hope to broaden student’s possibilities of what “trash” can become. We highly emphasize the impact of an individual’s choices in the fashion industry by fostering creativity, sustainability and consciousness of eco-fashion.


Get Involved!

Eco Fashion Expo is looking for students to participate as designers and models (no experience required!). They are also looking for experienced photographers, stage managers, and event coordinators. To learn more about how to get involved, email Angela at
Meet the Project Leader | ANGELA CHI

Year of Study: Sophomore

Major/s: Economics, Chinese

Interests: upcycling, sustainability, fashion, economics, entrepreneurship, waste reduction, chinese, technology

Angela is currently a sophomore majoring in Economics and Chinese, and considering a minor in Computer Science. She loves to think about creative ways to upcycle clothing in her free time. One of her favorite simple upcycling projects is making keychain plushies from old jeans by stuffing them with excess scraps and thread as well as ripped plastic bags that cannot be used as trash bags. As a co-leader of Macaulay Green Initiative, a new sustainability club at the Macaulay Honors College, Angela has helped organize a DIY recycled denim keychain workshop, as well as a sustainable cooking workshop and park clean-up event. Angela hopes to combine her interests in entrepreneurship, economics, sustainability, fashion, chinese and technology in the future to be a part of the solution to globally reduce waste and pollution.