How to Apply

How to Apply for Funds

Spring 2019 Deadline:       Thursday, February 21, 2019

Applicants for project funding from The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) must be matriculated undergraduate students at Hunter College in good academic standing according to institutional policies. Students can, and are encouraged to, apply in teams. Teams will need to appoint a leader to serve as the project treasurer, who will be responsible for submission of all budget paperwork. 


Environmental Benefits: Projects must reduce Hunter College’s negative environmental impact, create environmental education opportunities, and/or empower Hunter students to implement solutions to environmental challenges.

Connection to Campus: Projects must directly addresses environmental sustainability on Hunter College’s campus, or engage Hunter College students and staff with environmental issues.

Innovation: Projects should be innovative in nature, and should not include routine maintenance activities. TGIF shall only fund projects that are not required by College, University, or any other policy mandates, and would not otherwise be funded.

Feasibility: Projects must be feasible in terms of proposed budget and timeline, and demonstrate clear plan for project completion. TGIF may fund feasibility studies, at the discretion of the Grant Making Committee.

MeasurabilityAll proposed projects must have a clearly defined, measurable outcome.


                                                Applications Due             Decision Rendered             Project Period

Fall Grant Cycle                   October                              November/December            Spring Semester (February – June)


The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) application cycle runs according to the Hunter College academic calendar. Projects funded in the Fall grant cycle need to be completed within the following Spring semester. Applicants will be notified of the status of their grant applications in late December or early January. If your grant is approved for funding, a TGIF advisor will work with you to revise and submit your project budget to the College Assocation at Hunter for approval. Project funds are usually rendered early in the Spring semester, although project preparations that do not require spending (e.g. research, reaching out to relevant Hunter offices) can begin earlier. It is highly recommended that grant applicants work with a TGIF advisor on their project timeline and budget during the application process to ensure timely processing of budget and paperwork. Schedule an appointment here.


The budget section of the application will estimate the required expenses to complete the proposed project. The first budget form of the application provides an itemized list of anticipated purchases for the Grant Making Committee. The second budget form will be formatted for submission to the Hunter College Association for funding allocation once your project proposal has been approved. Please schedule a budget meeting with a TGIF advisor as you develop your application for guidance on the budget format.


All projects funded by TGIF are required to submit a final report at the conclusion of the project detailing budget expenditures.

**Note: Project budgets must include anticipated outreach and promotional expenses, e.g. event posters, signage, signage holders, table banners, stickers, etc.**

Selection Process

TGIF project proposals are reviewed by a Grant Making Committee (GMC) comprised of student and faculty representatives: 


– one Undergraduate Student Government (USG) student elected official

– one non-USG student appointed by USG

– one Graduate Student Association (GSA) mermber

– one student appointed by the Hunter College Sustainability Council (HCSC) Chairperson

– one staff member of the CUNY Institute for Sustainable Cities (CISC)

– one faculty member of the Geography department

– one staff member of the College Association