Projects 2018

2017- 2018 Grant Cycle Projects

Angela Chi | Eco Fashion Expo
Angela is a sophomore majoring in Economics and Chinese, with interests in upcycling, fashion, economics, entrepreneurship, and waste reduction. Her TGIF grant project, Eco Fashion Expo, aims to start a conversation about the environmental and economic impacts of the clothing industry, and showcase the beauty and sustainability of upcycled fashion (created and modeled by Hunter students!)
Taewoo Kim | Biodegradables Campaign
Taewoo is a 4th year Environmental Studies major with interest in conservation and the effects of microplastic in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch on trophic levels. He is leading a campaign to replace the Hunter cafeteria's disposable plastic utensils and packaging with biodegradable/compostable alternatives, and reduce Hunter's environmental impact.
Wyatt Cobb | Sustainability Conference
Wyatt is a junior studying Environmental Policy and Management and Geography (Geographic Information Systems). He is an intern with Energy Vision advocating to get a micro-anaerobic digester to turn Hunter's food waste into energy. Wyatt is working with Mike to organize the NYC Student Sustainability Conference (NYC SSC), part of which will explore compost and food waste reduction initiatives at other CUNY and NYC college campuses.
Mike Tejada | Sustainability Conference
Mike is a senior studying Geography (Sustainability Studies) and History. He is the president of Hunter Sustainability Project, and has led/collaborated on several TGIF projects. Mike is working with Wyatt, to organize the NYC Student Sustainability Conference (NYC SSC), which will bring together students from NYC colleges to share sustainability initiatives on their home campuses, and brainstorm ways to introduce these initiatives on other campuses.

Eco Fashion Expo

Eco Fashion Expo’s mission is to promote sustainable fashion, values and awareness into the Hunter and CUNY community. By endorsing reusing, recycling and repurposing, we hope to broaden student’s possibilities of what “trash” can become. We highly emphasize the impact of an individual’s choices in the fashion industry by fostering creativity, sustainability and consciousness of eco-fashion.

Meet the Project Leader | ANGELA CHI

Year of Study: Sophomore

Major/s: Economics, Chinese

Interests: upcycling, sustainability, fashion, economics, entrepreneurship, waste reduction, chinese, technology

Angela is currently a sophomore majoring in Economics and Chinese, and considering a minor in Computer Science. She loves to think about creative ways to upcycle clothing in her free time. One of her favorite simple upcycling projects is making keychain plushies from old jeans by stuffing them with excess scraps and thread as well as ripped plastic bags that cannot be used as trash bags. As a co-leader of Macaulay Green Initiative, a new sustainability club at the Macaulay Honors College, Angela has helped organize a DIY recycled denim keychain workshop, as well as a sustainable cooking workshop and park clean-up event. Angela hopes to combine her interests in entrepreneurship, economics, sustainability, fashion, chinese and technology in the future to be a part of the solution to globally reduce waste and pollution. 

Biodegradable Flatware Campaign

The aim of the Biodegradables Campaign is to raise awareness in the Hunter community of the harmful effects of disposable plastics, and to gather petition signatures of students, faculty, and staff urging the Hunter cafeteria food vendor, AVI Fresh Foods, to implement biodegradbale cups, plates, and utensils in their next contract with Hunter College. This campaign hopes to help reduce Hunter's waste stream, and to catalyze institutional as well as individual waste reduction practices in the Hunter community.


Meet the Project Leader | TAEWOO KIM

Year of Study: Senior

Major/s: Environmental Studies

Interests: conservation, effects of plastics & micro-plastics on trophic levels, waste reduction

Taewoo is a 4th year Environmental Studies major with interest in the relationship between waste pollution and conservation. Taewoo has been a member of the Hunter Sustainability Project for four years, where he served as Vice President for a year. He also has experience as a compost volunteer at the Queens Botanical Garden, and as an intern at CityScience, where he taught students in pre-K through 4th grade about nutrition and sustainability. In the future, Taewoo hopes to conduct research on the effects of micro-plastics on trophic levels, and to help reduce the Great Pacific Garbage Patch for environmental conservation. 

NYC Student Sustainability Conference

The NYC Student Sustainability Conference seeks to bring together students from other CUNY campuses and NYC-based colleges to share sustainability initiatives that have been implemented on their home campuses, and brainstorm ways to introduce these initiatives on other campuses. 


Meet the Project Leader | WYATT COBB

Year of Study: Junior

Major/s: Environmental Studies (Policy and Management), GIS Certificate, Geography minor

Interests: food waste practices, alternative energy, ocean conservation practices & ocean cleaup efforts

Wyatt is a 3rd year Environmental Studies major focusing on Policy and Management, working toward a Geography minor and a GIS Certificate. He has worked on a 4-semester-long internship project with Energy Vision and the CUNY Institute for Sustainable Cities to research the possibility of installing a micro-anaerobic digester–which converts organic food waste into energy–at Hunter. He is currently working on a research paper proposal exploring different device models to be presented to and discussed with faculty and staff. He hopes the NYC SSC will bring to light ways in which other NYC campuses have implemented organic waste procedures, and give insight to how Hunter College can do the same. In the future, Wyatt hopes to work to map new cities which are adapting to the effects of climate change, i.e. flooding and natural disasters. 

Meet the Project Leader | MIKE TEJADA

Year of Study: Senior

Major/s: Geography – Sustainability Studies; History minor

Interests: sustainability education, awareness, waste reduction, energy and water efficiency, lifestyle change

Mike is a senior studying Sustainability Studies and History. He is the President of Hunter Sustainability Project, and has led/collaborated on several TGIF grant projects in the past. He has served as a project leader for Hunter Sustainability Project's annual Hunter Goes Green Week event, and was key organizer in the planning of the Hunter Green Space Project. Last year, he wrote a TGIF grant to install 12 new hand dryers in the bathrooms to encourage students to reduce their usage of paper towels, which require more water and energy to produce than electronic hand dryers. Mike also has experience interning at the Lower East Side Ecology Center Electronic Waste Warehouse in Gowanus, Brooklyn.